Trip Report: Lufthansa to Europe- Intercontinental Davos

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After celebrating my grandfather’s birthday in a ski resort town in Austria, we headed south again, back into Switzerland. Our destination was Davos, the town where the World Economic Forum is held every year. Our hotel was brand new, and of a chain we liked: the Intercontinental Davos.

For context, the reason the hotel is so prominent is because it looks like this:


We booked the hotel by using two free night certificate from Intercontinental. Thankfully, we were upgraded to the highest level of room, the Alpine Suite, because of my dad’s Ambassador status with Intercontinental. The room was amazing. It had a great living room-like area, complete sofas and chairs. Since the max occupancy of a room is three, were had two rooms, both of which had great views and were very nice. The room upgrade is a great perk.

The spa was excellent. One could dip their feet in warm tubs with bath salts.

The pool was on the bottom floor, past the spa. Despite the fact that it was really cold, the pool was enjoyable. It was warm beyond belief. One could even relax on underwater benches near the warm jets.

But hanging around  at the pool was not all fun and games. One time, I was in the indoor pool by myself when two guys, who I had never met before, asked me what my name was and where I was from. I told them that my name is Henry and that I was from New York. These guys were super creepy, so why would I tell them my real name? They left me alone after that.

My only complaint was that the club, which we would have been entitled to use, was closed. These means we got jack for dinner, even if we had breakfast, which was great, by the way.

All around, the Intercontinental Davos was an awesome hotel. The room was large, the pool and spas were great, the breakfast was awesome, and, even though it was raining for most of the time we were there, the hotel still felt ‘resorty.’ It was downright great. If I can get a ice room, a good pool, and breakfast, then that’s a great hotel for me.

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