Trip Report: Lufthansa to Europe- Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to Houston

Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX
Lufthansa Business Class Los Angeles to Frankfurt
Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt
Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to Milan
Hotel Grifone Lago di Garda
Intercontinental Davos
Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Milan Linate
Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to Houston
United First Class Houston to San Diego

On our way to the gate, we passed the Camel Smoking Lounge, which I had spotted when we landed in Frankfurt the last time, and whose name I had annoyed my family with by repeatedly saying “Ooooh, za Camul Smooking Lounge!” in a Swedish accent.

Ooooh, za camel smooking lounge!

When we made it to our gate, I saw an A380 that I was about to board for the first time. And how incredible it was. The thing was so huge that Lufthansa needed three jet bridges just to board it.


We used the jetbridge for premium class passengers, as Lufthansa has all their economy seats on the lower deck, unlike British Airways, whose A380 I will be flying next month. I feel so… what’s the word… exclusive!

A380... again!

When we boarded, we made our way through the other business class cabins and found our seats.

Lufthansa Flight 440
Frankfurt to Houston
Seat 23C

Airbus A380-800

The seats were far different from those on the flight from Los Angeles. Lufthansa ordered the A380 so long ago that lie flat seats weren’t the norm then, so the A380 comes equipped with angled lie flat seats, though Lufthansa is in the process of retrofitting them with a product more like the one on the 747-8i.


View of the cabin.

While the seats are pretty good looking, they were not the softest things in the world. But who cares? They had a massage function!

I have to admire the vies we had. There was another A380 on the right side of us, and a 747-8 on my side. And the copious Lufthansa logos clearly declare that Lufty runs the place.

Lufthansa 747-8

We soon pushed back from our gate, which afforded us some awesome views of various planes, Lufthansa and not.

Thai Airways A380

Lufthansa. Lufthansa. Lufthansa. Nothing but Lufthansa.

We taxied our way over to the runway and, thanks to the four powerful Trent engines, were soon airborne. There were some very nice views of downtown Frankfurt as we climbed out.




I had never been in an angled lie flat seat before, so I reclined to see what it would feel like. Not good. But this was a daytime flight, so the bed wasn’t really necessary.


The crew soon came around taking lunch orders. The meal service was efficient and the food was good. There would be a meal prior to landing, which would have been like dinner for us. after lunch, the crew darkened the cabin so people could nap if the liked. I spent most of the rest of the flight playing soccer on the inflight entertainment. My losses were unparallelled in the history of A380 inflight soccer. Do you know what it feels like to lose a game 30-1? I do.

The pre-landing meal was good. I had the prawns, which were good. The dressing really made the dish. I had cake for desert. My sister had the tomato soup, which she liked.

We made our approach to Houston and were soon on the ground. To my knowledge, the Lufthansa flight is the only A380 at Houston Bush.

The deplaning was efficient, because, well, this is Lufthansa. All in all, it was a great flight. The food was good, I could lose at soccer, the flight attendants were very nice in taking care of my sister and I. Also, it was a great first flight on an A380. I’m excited to be back on one, next month. Stay tuned!



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