Trip Report: Lufthansa to Europe- Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Milan

Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX
Lufthansa Business Class Los Angeles to Frankfurt
Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt
Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to Milan
Hotel Grifone Lago di Garda
Intercontinental Davos
Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Milan Linate
Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to Houston
United First Class Houston to San Diego

We returned to Milan Linate Airport at 4 a.m. sharp for our 6:35 a.m. flight. My impression of Milan Linate is that it is extremely dingy. Everything is old and seems to be falling apart at the seems. Including the bathroom doors. I’ll get to that later.

We checked in, went through security, and headed for the lounge. What we found was perfectly nice: a comfortable little lounge that was basically empty at 5 in the morning.

The food spread was nice. They even had hot chocolate! There were also cookies and a million different kinds of crackers.

The most interesting part of the lounge though was the bathroom from hell. It was five in the morning, so maybe I wasn’t fully awake, but the sink didn’t seem to be working. Whenever I turned it on, I was sprayed with water. Good thing I was wearing a jacket. But when I went to tell my family the funny story of the sink, I couldn’t, because the door was stuck. Wonderful! I eventually got it to open, though, and managed to board my flight back to Frankfurt on time.

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