Trip Report: Lufthansa to Europe- United First Class Houston to San Diego

Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX
Lufthansa Business Class Los Angeles to Frankfurt
Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt
Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to Milan
Hotel Grifone Lago di Garda
Intercontinental Davos
Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Milan Linate
Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to Houston
United First Class Houston to San Diego

When our flight from Frankfurt landed, we made our way to immigration.One of the advantages of being a premium class passenger is that you deplane first, so there wasn’t a huge line for immigration. We were soon through and made our way to the United Club. When we tried to get in, the agent told us we couldn’t. When we asked why, she said that we were arriving on an international business class flight. We told here that we were departing on a domestic first class leg. She still said we couldn’t enter. I don’t know if United has a similar system to American, who has domestic and international Admirals Club, or if she was just crabby, but I do know we had to hike quite a bit to get to a different United Club, where the agent was. We sat down next to a Texan businessman, who giddily told us about what had happened a few days ago on MSNBC. This was right after the MH17 disaster, so MSNBC was talking to anyone who said they saw the plane go down. I like MSNBC, but I just had to laugh when I saw this.

Here’s the video:

Hilarious. Anyway, we soon left the United Club  and headed for our gate. Boarding was completed quickly and we took our seats, at the back of the first class.

United Flight 8691
Houston to San Diego
Seat 5E
Boeing 737-900

We taxied away from our gate and didn’t have to wait long before we began our takeoff roll. We were soon in the skies for the beginning of our 2.5 hour flight to San Diego. The purser on the flight was hilarious. If I remember correctly, his name was Cole. His jokes about the disco era were extremely funny.

At that point, it was about midnight Europe time, so I was extremely tired. The seat was so large that I could actually curl up in it and sleep, and I am no midget. Since I was asleep, I didn’t get to sample the inflight dining, though I heard it was pretty disgusting. It was some sort of chicken parmesan, which my mom said was sill frozen when it was served. This did not give me all that much confidence in United onboard food, though my next domestic United flight would prove me wrong on that point.

I woke up just as the crew was preparing the cabin for landing. I slept through most of the flight and was more than happy when we landed back at SAN. All together, this trip had been amazing.The hotels and flights were great. I very much enjoyed the whole experience, and hope to go on a similar trip again in the future.



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