Trip Report: You Dropped a Zero (To Japan with United)- United Global First Lounge Chicago

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At about nine in the morning, four hours before departure, we checked out of our room at the Sheraton O’Hare and even had Juliana check the lobby departure board for us.


We then hopped the shuttle for O’Hare. When we arrived, we found the Global First check-in area, which was sealed off from the rest of the terminal. Sure, it isn’t being driven to you plane in a Mercedes, but it is something. The private check-in room had self service kiosks, departure boards, and bowls of candy, from which I created a ‘strategic candy reserve’ that helped to get me through the trip.




After we finished checking in, we were sent down a hallway which ended at the front of the security line. I could get used to that!


We were soon through security and made our way to the funny underground tunnel which lead us across to the C Concourse, the home of the United Global First Lounge.


The lounge is discreetly located behind the customer service desk near gate C18. So discreetly located, in fact, that we had a hard time finding it.


Inside, we found a very well appointed lounge with almost no one in. The lounge had large windows and many kinds of seating. We chose a collection of four seats by the window. Outside, a Beijing-bound 747 was sitting at its gate.


The buffet was great. There were your standard UA snack foods, fruit, and quite a few shrimp dishes.




There was also food to order from a menu…


…which included sushi. Sushi!


The lounge itself was comfortable, with plenty of space to stretch out. There were more private rooms if one wanted to get some work done.


Just before we left to board our flight, I headed over to the cake section and had myself a little Chicago cheesecake.


Forget about exploring Chicago! Just head over to the UA lounge and get yourself some cheesecake and you could consider yourself to have experienced Chicago enough!





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