Qatar Airway’s Big (Actually Tiny) Announcement


Qatar Airways has a reputation for being slightly bombastic, thanks in large part to its CEO, Akbar al-Baker, whose first name actually translates to “great.” Akbar has a reputation for drawing attention, such as the time he called the A350 a “crap airplane.” He is also friends with Donald Trump. He has also called the CEO of Delta, Richard Anderson, weak. In the airline industry, there are a number of things which make the whole airline business rather hilarious:

  • Alcohol
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Akbar al-Baker
  • Ryanair
  • Akbar al-Baker
  • Akbar al-Baker

Did I mention that Akbar al-Baker is a fairly interesting guy?

So when Qatar Airways told us that they would be making a big announcement in New York, I was breathless with anticipation. And when they announced that they would be flying a A350 (which Akbar al-Baker called a crap airplane and then turned around and bought 86 of) to New York for the announcement, it seemed like even more of a big deal. They even called it “historic.”

And then the actual announcement happened. Was it that they were announcing a new service to a US city? Was it that they were buying new aircraft? No! They are putting out a new slogan.

Cue the sad trombone music, folks! I don’t see how a new slogan is a “historic” announcement worthy of flying from Doha to New York and bringing and A350 along, and making everyone super excited. I find it kind of sleazy that Akbar al-Baker got a bunch of media coverage and made a lot of people pretty excited over nothing.

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