Taxiway Photos from Chicago O’Hare


Chicago O’Hare is a pretty huge airport, certainly, with all kinds of traffic coming in from all over the world, from 747’s to E175’s. When I was there back in April, I was so impressed by what I saw that I couldn’t help but take pictures. As our aircraft was taxiing, I shot a number of photos of aircraft taxiing, landing, or just parked at the gate. Here are some.


Starting with the small stuff. Here is a United Express E175. I noticed the tiny, little wing-mounted engines. They’re so tiny.


Getting much larger, here we have an SAS A340, operating the flight to Copenhagen. SAS’s livery is simple, with most of the aircraft, except the tail, left unpainted, with a blue vertical stabilizer with the letters SAS at the base.


Up next we have an American Airlines 777-200 in the old livery. In the background is a little American Eagle regional jet.


As we sat on the tarmac, I shot this photo of a landing Lufthansa 747-8 on final approach. The 747-8 is the latest variation of the 747, with a longer upper deck and cookie-cutter nacelles on the engines.


Sitting at its gate in this shot is an Etihad Airways 777, departing for Abu Dhabi. The old livery looks just fine, though I like the new one applied to the A380 better, given that it has a clean and metallic feel, far more than the desert-sandish current livery.


Here we have a Japan Airlines 777. For a time, JAL had the idea that it would be nice if the tail of their aircraft looked like a bloody shank. Seriously. Google “Japan Airlines Arc of the Sun Livery” and you will see what I mean. The current crane logo is far more elegant, understated, and good-looking.


Saving the most exotic for last, take a look that Air India 777. I don’t think the photo conveys in accurately, but the plane was actually more brown than white. I don’t think this was intentional, given that I don’t think anyone likes a plane kind of dirt brown as how this aircraft looked up close. Seriously. It looked dusty, or dirty, or something like that. Nonetheless, I don’t think I had ever seen an Air India aircraft before, so this was an interesting find.



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