Piece of 787’s Wing Broken of by Truck


The 787 Dreamliner is an incredibly well designed plane. It is quite fuel efficient, has a long range, and sets global standards in cabin comfort. But, alas, it is not well designed enough to withstand a truck driver who is extremely bad at his job.

Norwegain Air Shuttle flight 7067 was being deiced at the frigid Stockholm airport when a careless driver operating the deicing truck rammed the trucks boom into the aircraft’s wing and broke part of it off. Since Norwegian doesn’t have spare aircraft (every aircraft is operating a flight to maximize profit), if a plane breaks down, that flight has to sit until the plane is fixed. The Stockholm to New York flight was “only” delayed by seven hours, not that I know what that means. Did they out the missing portion of the wing back on in seven hours and then return it to flight, or did they actually pull another plane from another route to operate the flight? Ah, the dilemmas of a low cost airline: glue the wing of a plane back on in seven hours, or violate your company’s policy have not having or using spare aircraft?

Okay then, Norwegian…

(Tip of the hat to Qatara340)



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