What I Will Ask Everyone on my DXB-LHR Flight

BA 777-300erBA 777-300er

Way back in April, BA was selling 1500 dollar first class tickets from Dubai to Austin, which booked into the “F” fare bucket, and therefore earned a ton of miles, no matter who you credit to. The deal was found by the good folks on Flyertalk, and it seems lime half the forum took advantage of it.

On a related note, my flight from Dubai to London on the fourth of January is showing as having only 2 seats left. In my experience, BA cabins tend to be far less full than that. On my first flight in BA first, there were only nine out of fourteen seats taken. The fact that the flight is showing 12/14 is pretty uncommon: over my three flights on BA, I don’t remember there ever being a cabin that full.

That must mean that there are a load of Flyertalkers on that flight. When the flight attendants start serving the champagne I’ll lean across the aisle and ask my fellow passengers, “Flyertalk?”


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