January 2016


It’s Raining Reservations…

…And I’m drowning in record locators. I’ll spare you the details of the trip we’re planning. For more, just read these posts so you can see me be an idiot: Hinted at something. Announced it….


Aviation Trivia#17

Did you know that members of the Airbus A320 family often make barking sounds during takeoff? This is caused by a hydraulic pump and often causes passengers to think there is something wrong with their…

The aircraft involved in the crash of Eastern Flight 401, only a few weeks before it went down.

Spooky Scary Stories: Eastern 401

On December 29, 1972, a four-month-old Eastern Airlines Lockheed L-1011 operating flight 401 from New York to Miami began its descent into its destination. At 11:32 pm, the First Officer of the flight, Albert Stockstill,…


Horrible Earning Rates!

Singapore Airlines has an okay mileage program. I mean, the vast majority of airlines have meh-to-bad programs, and there are a few outliers one either end of the scale, i.e. really good and really bad….

Yes, I know that photo isn't from ATL, but it is a Delta aircraft, and Delta is based in ATL, so...

Aviation Trivia #15

Did you know that Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is the worlds busiest airport? ATL is a huge hub for Delta and sees over 970,000 aircraft movements every singe day.


Aviation Trivia #14

Did you know that the longest aircraft in the world is the A340-600 until the 747-8 came into service? The A340 is 75.3 meters long, while the 76.25 meters, a difference of only a few…