Aviation Trivia #1

PSA L-1011PSA L-1011

Author’s note: I thought it would be fun if every day (I will try… I think) I posted a little aviation trivia. Here’s the first.


Did you know that Pacific Southwest Airlines at one point operated commuter-configured Lockheed L1011’s? These aircraft were unique in that part of the cargo hold was replaced by a lower deck lounge, like some of the lounges on the upper deck of 747’s. They ordered them in 1970, though they found the L1011 to be unprofitable and either sent them to boneyards or sold them. Two aircraft were sent to the Marana aircraft storage facility. PSA then leased their other L1011’s to Lockheed and Aero Peru. When they were returned to PSA, the airline put them back in the boneyard. Worldways Canada, a Canadian charter airline, bought the L1011’s, taking them off PSA’s hands for good. The last PSA L1011 flights were in April 1975, just four years after PSA ordered them.

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