Alaska Airlines is Rebranding!

Alaska Airlines' new liveryAlaska Airlines' new livery

Alaska Airlines has been making a lot of changes recently. They introduced an economy plus cabin, increased legroom in first class to industry leading levels, and introduced a product called Alaska Beyond, a new inflight service scheme involving better food, better inflight entertainment, new seats, and better service. Their mileage program continues to be awesome, with it being probably the only good one left in the United States, as Delta, American, and United have all gone revenue based in their frequent flyer programs. All of this proves to me that Alaska is invested in making themselves better, increasing legroom, making service better, having an awesome mileage program. I think that Alaska is just better than all of the big three US airlines.

Of course, the new stuff I mentioned above didn’t amount to a rebrand. However, today, Alaska announced their biggest rebranding effort in 25 years. They have announced a new livery, a new logo, and are remodeling their website.

Alaska Airlines' new livery

Alaska Airlines’ new livery

That is just beautiful. The eskimo seems much happier than he did on the older livery, and the swooping blue and green lines of the new livery just makes it wonderful. I think I actually like it more than American’s new livery! In the old paintsheme, the word “Alaska” look kind of rough, frontier-ish. But the words on this fuselage are sleek and elegant, and just look nice on the fuselage.

Alaska has painted a 737-800 in the new livery, and it is currently sitting in a hangar waiting to be unveiled. This is one of the few pictures we have of the newly painted plane:

An Alaska Airlines 737-800 painted in the new livery.

An Alaska Airlines 737-800 painted in the new livery.

There is also this photo of Alaska Airlines crew posing with the aircraft:Alaska3

They put out this huge collection of stuff showing how everything is going to be rebranded, including inflight entertainment, the Alaska app and website, Alaska credit cards, planes, and airport signage.Alaskanewswag

They also have already fully rebranded their website, which I think looks much better now:

Screenshot 2016-01-26 at 8.51.08 AM

All in all, I think that this is a really cool rebrand on Alaska’s part. Everything just looks so much sleeker. The new livery is brilliant. The new logo I like a lot. The new swirling lines on Alaska-branded credit cards, the website, and airport signage has a wonderful new look to it. I would love to see some of those new planes at SAN soon!

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