Your Weekly WTF Moment: Sorry, this Seat is Reserved for Barbie


Thai Smile, a low cost subsidiary of Thai Airways, is now letting you reserve seats for dolls. Yes, that kind of doll. I mean, like, Barbie, or Ken. Not only will seats now be reserved for inanimate objects which happen to look like people, but said inanimate objects shaped like people will be served drinks and snacks as well. However, they a not allowed to sit in exits rows.

Bloomberg Business had this to say:

Thai Smile Airways, which is a part of national carrier Thai Airways International Pcl, said in an internal memo that dolls with tickets will be served snacks and drinks, though they will be barred from sitting in exit rows. Owners who take dolls on the plane without tickets will have them treated as carry-on luggage.

And, just a few days after the policy was announced, a drug dealer was caught with his whole stash stuffed inside a doll, trying to get on a Thai Smiles flight. But hey, is bringing a doll on a plane really all that different from the emotional support turkey incident?

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