I Think I’ve Finally Found a Routing I Like…


As I have mentioned a few times, we are currently plotting our return to the Maldives. We are trying to work out the flights from North America to Hong Kong now, and it seemed we had found a good deal in flying from Vancouver to Hong Kong via Tokyo Narita, with the longhaul leg on a Japan Airlines 787. But then we found availability from LAX to Hong Kong via Osaka, with LAX-Osaka also on a JAL Dreamliner. But today, I think we have found an even awesome-er routing, because…

…it’s all Dreamliners all the way!

Let me explain. We found availability on the Japan Airlines all the way from San Diego to Hong Kong. That’s right– San Diego to Hong Kong. JAL has operated a 787 flight from San Diego to Tokyo, and I have been wanting to try it ever since I was at Balboa Park watching a parade of Southwest 737’s on approach to SAN before spotting a brand-new white aircraft with the wings flexing and the engines humming quietly. That was the first time I said, “I want to fly that.” And now I am!

And the best part is… the Tokyo to Hong Kong flight is also a 787! That’s what I call a score. That’s gonna make for some good seat card collecting (looking your way, flapsupsan). So, to recap, SAN-Tokyo will be on a 787, and Tokyo-Hong Kong is going to be on a 787, so Dreamliners all the way!

Hey, I don’t care if the seats are angled lie flat! It’s going to be awesome, and I then I could totally claim to have flown every longhaul international flight out of SAN (I’m flying SAN-London in April on a British Airways 747). I have never flown JAL before, but they seem like a great airline and I am totally excited to try it. And I’ll be able to review the Admirals Club at SAN for, like, the fifth time.

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