Horrible Earning Rates!


Singapore Airlines has an okay mileage program. I mean, the vast majority of airlines have meh-to-bad programs, and there are a few outliers one either end of the scale, i.e. really good and really bad. SQ will charge you 80,000 miles oneway in business class from the US west coast to Singapore, while American will charge you 55 before the devaluation and 70 after it, Delta will charge you some absurd amount (want to know why I can’t give you an exact figure? ‘Cause they don’t have a freaking award chart!), and United will charge you 80,000 as well. Singapore is a Chase Ultimate Rewards partner, meaning you can transfer those points to Singapore’s program. But on the earning side of the scale, well…

We are considering ways to get back to the Maldives, and are currently reserved on Japan Airlines from San Diego to Singapore via Tokyo. We have tons of Chase Ultimate rewards points, so we thought it might be a good idea to transfer some of them. But there are other uses of Chase points, so we looked at paying for our fare. The paid fares were really cheap, for roughly 370 dollars roundtrip. It’s 2000 miles one way, so, if Singapore were an Alaska partner, you could earn 4,000 miles roundtrip for that flight, even in cheap economy– as I am taking advantage of in my upcoming mileage runs. But, Singapore will give you 400. No, I didn’t drop I zero (pulling a United). They will actually give you 400 miles! 400 miles. That’s basically like a revenue based system where you earn one mile per dollar spent. I be like:


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