I Know This is Getting a Little Comically Ridiculous…


Spoke too soon– found better routing.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how I think I had found an epic routing that would help us get back to the Maldives. That routing involved flying from San Diego to Hong Kong via Tokyo on Japan Airlines, both legs being on a 787. We would then have to get ourselves to the Maldives, but it was a start. And it appears that I spoke too soon, because I found a routing I like more.

Sure, we would have to get another hotel reservation since this flight is in November instead of December, but it seems hotels are cheaper anyway. Also, the flights are just so awesome I think it is totally worth changing our dates.

So, the routing is as follows:

  • SAN-Tokyo (NRT) on JAL– This flight is awesome because it is operated by a 787, and I have always wanted to fly a 787 in international business class.
  • NRT-Singapore on JAL– This flight isn’t a 787, but I think it is better. It is operated by a 767 featuring JAL’s new Skysuite 767, a staggered lie flat seat in a 1-2-1 configuration. I haven’t flown a staggered business class product before, so I am curious to see how it compares to some of the other products I have flown, including reverse herringbone (Cathay Pacific) and other random configurations (Lufthansa and British Airways). I was shocked to see how long the Tokyo-Singapore flight is– 7 hours 40 minutes!

That is awesome! It means I will be spending 19 hours in Japan Airlines business class, and would get to try both their old and new products. Also, as I mentioned in my previous posts about previous routing we were considering, the old routings would have only gotten us to Hong Kong, which is much farther from the Maldives than Singapore.

So we put SAN-SIN on a 5-day hold, since we are going to get a huge dump of American Airlines points in a couple of days. Unless something even more awesome comes along, I think this routing’s a keeper.

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