Trip Report: Dinner and Drinks in Dallas- Introduction


Airspace Lounge SAN
American Airlines economy class San Diego to Dallas
Centurion Lounge DFW
American Airlines economy class Dallas to San Diego

As part of our ongoing quest for Alaska Airlines status, we are doing a lot of mileage runs. Alaska has one of the most generous qualification periods for status qualification (you get all 2016 to qualify, and you get status all the way through February 2018), we are doing a few mileage runs this month and then doing three international trips over the course of the remaining year. We are going for MVP Gold 75k, which is Alaska’s highest level of status. There are some awesome benefits, including:

  • Free space-available upgrades from economy to first class.
  • Four confirmed upgrades per year
  • Decreased Board Room membership cost.
  • 125% mileage bonus.
  • Free main cabin extra seating when flying on American.
  • Free snack basket when flying in economy

The mileage runs we are taking should earn us a ton of miles, and help us qualify for status. The first mileage run we will be taking will be a quick roundtrip from San Diego to Dallas on American Airlines. We will be in Dallas for three hours before turning around and flying back to SAN. The flight from SAN will be operated by an A321, while the return will be on a 737-800. I’m hoping for the new American Airlines interior on the return, since its guaranteed on the A321, it being one of American’s newer planes.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the trip is going to be where we spend our three hours in Dallas. We will deplane and head straight over to the American Express Centurion Lounge, which we have access to thanks to my dad’s American Express Platinum credit card. Here’s the breakdown of our trip.


One day, my mom was searching around Google Flights for good mileage runs, and, lo and behold, found a roundtrip fare on American Airlines from San Diego to Dallas for only 98 dollars. That’s awesome. That’s 49 dollars one-way, for the 2,300 miles we would earn roundtrip for it, that comes out to about 4.3 cents per mile, which is an epic deal. As I mentioned above, the outbound flight will be operated by an A321, a product I flew on the exact SAN-DFW route before I had the blog and am interested in reviewing. The return will be on a 737-800, and I am hoping for one with a new interior.


I’m at the airport for three hours. No need.


All of the lounges I will be visiting and reviewing will be courtesy of my dad’s American Express Platinum credit card and my mom’s Citi Prestige card. The annual fees are a little high (450 for both cards, though the AmEx Platinum gets you a $250 airline fee credit, which doesn’t actually only work on airline fees– more on that later), but I think it is well worth it with all the benefits. The AmEx platinum gets you access to Centurion and Priority Pass lounges, a number of which I will be reviewing in a number of trip reports, while the Citi Prestige gets you access to Admirals Clubs when flying on American Airlines. We will using the Citi Prestige Admirals Club access to go to the Airspace Lounge at SAN, which is jointly run by Airspace and American Airlines. We will be using the AmEx Platinum to go to the Centurion Lounge Dallas, which I am super excited about. Many people rank it as one of the top five lounges in the US, and I am really psyched to go and visit a lounge as epic as this one sounds.

I will try to post a report on the Airspace Lounge and the SAN-DFW flight from the lounge in Dallas, and maybe one report a day after that. And yes, I promise I’ll do some aviation photography at DFW, because it looks like an awesome airport to do that. I’m excited to review some of American’s new domestic products, and to visit the Centurion Lounge DFW. I hope you enjoy, and, as always, happy travels!


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