January 2016

American's business class on their new 777-300er.

American Makes a 777-300er Swap

American’s snazzy new 777-300er’s look like a really nice bunch of planes, between the new interiors and fine refreshed livery. Heck, it may well the product I’m most excited to try in 2016 (flying it…


Aviation Trivia #13

Did you know that Sri Lankan Airways was formerly known as Air Lanka? The airline rebranded in 1998 after Air Lanka went from being mostly government owned to being privatized.


Male or Bust: My Next Big Trip

I usually only like to blog about my trips when we have most of the details finalized, but I think this one is just too exciting not to tell y’all about, As I mentioned in…

Alaska Airlines' new livery

Alaska Airlines is Rebranding!

Alaska Airlines has been making a lot of changes recently. They introduced an economy plus cabin, increased legroom in first class to industry leading levels, and introduced a product called Alaska Beyond, a new inflight…


Aviation Trivia #12

Did you know that Boeing at one point pursued an A380-like aircraft called the Boeing NLA? NLA stood for “New Large Airplane” and all we know about it would almost certainly have had two full…


Dear American: Get it Together!

We are trying to book an award using American Airlines AAdvantage miles (I’m being intentionally vague– if all goes well I’ll have a full post on the upcoming trip tomorrow, and I’m sure its going…


Aviation Trivia #11

Did you know that Boeing’s factory is the largest building in the world? It has a floor area of 4.3 million square feet and was so huge that clouds actually formed inside before the doors…


Shocker: Iran Air is Buying A380’s!

This is the most surprising thing since, like, ever. Iran Air, who I wrote about a few weeks ago in the context of them being the only commercial passenger operator of a jet that is…