The Fate of Virgin’s Airbuses


As I’m sure you know, Virgin America and Alaska Airlines will be merging. There are a number of big, huge consequences resulting from the merger, but one of the biggest is what will happen to the Airbus aircraft Virgin America operates.

My theory is that Virgin will sell the aircraft off, but after I saw this, I’m not so sure.

When a friend of mine texted Alaska customer relations regarding the merger, an Alaska customer relations rep responded with this:

Thank you for your message. Both fleets are one hundred percent narrowbody, and we are committed to training our maintenance teams so they are able to work on either Boeing or Airbus.

That is certainly interesting. I wonder if this is just a customer service rep making things up, or if AS actually intends to keep Virgin’s Airbuses. I just don’t get how that would be feasible, as it would cost an enormous amount to train pilots and mechanics to work on Airbus aircraft.


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