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From the moment I woke up in the morning, I was super excited. When I got out of school, I knew that in just a few hours I would be onboard a BA 747 bound for London. Needless to say, I had a hard time containing my excitement. When I got home, we finished our packing and got on our way down to SAN.

We arrived at the departures level of Terminal 2 at SAN about 2 hours before our flight was set to depart.



We made our way through one of the glass bridges and into the terminal, where we turned left and headed over to the British Airways counter to check in. It seemed to take quite a while for everyone to be processed, because there were a number of large families in line and they had to have each of the family member’s passports stamped.


However, we made our way to the front soon enough and were quickly processed by the agent, after which we headed over to the security line.


The line for premium passengers was pretty long, so we just went over to the coach line instead, which was slightly shorter. We were soon through, after which we made the familiar left turn towards the Airspace Lounge.


While most of the time we get access via my dad’s AmEx Platinum credit card, this time we got access because of the fact we were flying a Oneworld carrier in a premium cabin.

We entered and were checked in by the agents, at which point I made a beeline for the Snack Towers of Sadness, given the fact that I was getting hungry, it being around dinner time and all.

The food options at the Airspace Lounge include snack mix from the Snack Towers of Sadness, oranges, cookies, and candy for free, and various items from the menu for pay. Everyone which comes into the lounge gets a food and beverage credit, depending on how you got access. If you paid, you get $10 (which goes a long way in covering the $25 you paid to enter the lounge), and if you have the AmEx platinum you get $10 for each member of your party, or $40 for a family of four. If you are travelling on a Oneworld airline you get $20 per passenger.

After picking up my snack mix, I headed over to some chairs by the main TV in the lounge, where we sat for a short while.

We ordered dinner from the menu, and the food quality was, as always, awesome. When we finished pour dinner, we saw that a set of chairs by the windows open up, at which point we headed over there and sat down.

The lounge was super full, probably due to the fact that there are at probably 60 or so BA premium cabin passengers, plus all the people using a credit card to access, plus all the people paying to access, plus all the people departing on an American Airlines flight. That translated to a lot of people, and this lounge was the fullest I had ever seen it that night. That being said, I’m normally at the lounge in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday when I’m mileage running, and that is probably the least busy time imaginable for an airport lounge. But tonight it was¬†packed.



I worked on a math project for a short while, until just past 8:45, when we decided to leave the lounge and head to our gate.

It was another perfectly pleasant visit to the Airspace Lounge, my third in total. While the lounge was busy, the service was friendly, as always, and the food was high quality. I enjoyed my visit quite a bit.



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