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Having been pretty disappointed by the British Airways Galleries Lounge, we decided to go over and check out the Admirals Club. It is a super short walk between the two lounges (the Admirals Club is closer to the point at which you enter the floor with all the gates on it), and we made it to the lounge about five minutes after leaving the Galleries.

We entered through a nice lobby area, where the friendly agents checked us in. On a table in the corner was water and candy.



After we had our boarding passes checked, we headed into the lounge, and were instantly amazed by how nice it was. There were many different kinds of seating, great views out the window, and a lovely food selection. Moreover, the lounge was super empty, even at the peak time we were visiting (about dinnertime).

We colonized a set of four chairs for our use by some of the windows and got some food from the buffet. The spread was excellent: there was a make-your-own burger bar, a salad bar, bread, soup, chips, and much more.

Over closer to the windows was another small spread, which consisted of mostly different kinds of sweets (though there was also popcorn), including jelly beans and weird popping Smarty-ripoff things.


The lounge had a great variety of seating, including tall spinning chairs, more-typical lounge chairs, and bar seating. There were power plugs everywhere, so you didn’t have to worry about your devices losing charge.




The lounge was super empty, so one could sit basically anywhere one wanted. I highly recommend taking a seat by the windows– the views are incomparable. You get a view of aircraft taking off from runway 27R and those taxiing to their gates.



After I finished my food (which I was treating like breakfast, since I didn’t eat slept through breakfast on the plane), I headed over to a seat near a set of powerplugs to work on my math project. I did this for about an hour, before we had to leave to get on our flight, at about 6:30 in the evening London time.

In short, the Admirals Club at LHR is an amazing lounge. There is an incredible range of food options at the buffet, there is a great variety of seating, there are power plugs everywhere, and the lounge is super empty, even at peak times. If you are flying a Oneworld airline out of LHR T3 (or have a credit card which gives you access to Admirals Clubs, like the Citi Prestige), you should definitely head over to this lounge.


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