Trip Report: British Airways Business Class London to Vienna


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We walked the short distance from the Admirals Club to the gate, where we had our boarding passes scanned. An interesting thing I noticed was that the agents scanned your boarding passes when you entered the gate area, not when you actually start boarding.

We stood around for a few minutes, until boarding started. The agents started with preboards, which normally includes families travelling with children under the age of anywhere from three to five. However, the agent invited my family to board, even though my sister is actually nine years old. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, we made our way down the jetway to our A320.


British Airways Flight 706
London to Vienna
Seat 2A, Business Class
Airbus A320

British Airways’ Club Europe cabin is a pretty standard for an intra-Europe business class product. On basically all airlines that operate flights within Europe, business class is merely economy class with a middle seat blocked. I find this kind of hard to understand. Our flight from London to Vienna was about 2.5 hours, and on a 2.5 hour flight within the US one could get a nice and wide recliner seat and, if you’re lucky, a flat bed (Delta and American both operate flat-bed equipped aircraft on random, non-West Coast-New York routes, like DFW-MIA for AA and LAX-SLC for Delta). But intra-Europe, basically invariably, you’ll get an economy seat with the middle seat blocked. I can’t understand this, given that most of the big European Airlines (Lufthansa, Swiss, Air France, British Airways), are thought of (correctly) as better run and better from a passenger comfort standpoint than some of their US counterparts.

Anyway, rant over.

Once we boarded, I took my seat in the second row of business class. Even if it is just an economy seat with the middle blocked, the cabin still looked pretty nice. It even had mood lighting!



The flight attendant offered my sister and I a little kid bags, with coloring books, a pen, and some other goodies. I promptly accepted it, and set about coloring.

*Disclaimer: I know you think it’s odd that I, a 13-year-old boy, had fun with a coloring book, but it was free, and I was bored, so go away.

Our plane sat at the gate for a while, perhaps twenty minutes, but, since boarding had started early, we weren’t delayed too much. Once we pushed back, we began our long taxi to the end of Runway 27L. On our way, we passed some pretty interesting traffic:



I even saw the Concorde!


We were fifth in line for takeoff, behind an Iberia A340-600, an ANA 777, an Aer Lingus A320, and a Germanwings A320. It took a while for these aircraft to take off, but we eventually lined up for takeoff. The views on our climb out were pretty lovely.


When we leveled off, the inflight service began. I was offered a beverage, and I took my standard apple juice. Not long after, hot towels were passed around, and picked back up not a minute later. I have noticed that BA flight attendants drop off and pick up your hot towels pretty quickly…

Not long after, the dinner service began. There was only one choice for dinner, some sort of Greek-ish dish. It including a kebab (which actually mostly cheese), some salad, pita, cheese with chutney, and an apple sauce/cake crumble/vanilla yogurt thing. The cheese with chutney was pretty awesome, and I enjoyed the desert was well. It was a pretty good meal for intra-Europe business class.


After I finished my dinner, I began working on a math project that was due the next day (yes, I procrastinate), which occupied me for basically the rest of the flight. We began our descent into Vienna, where it was full dark out (which messed with me significantly, considering it was about one in the afternoon as far as I was concerned).

We landed at VIE right on time, and deplaned quickly. We headed over to our room at the NH Wien hotel, right across the street from the airport.

All things considered, it was a good flight. The food was good, the seats were comfortable enough, and the crew was friendly, as has almost always been my experience with British Airways. I consider BA Club Europe a great way to make your hop across the English Channel.

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