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After a peaceful three days in my great uncle’s small German town near Munich, it was time to head back to MUC. The town where my great uncle lives is about a 45 minute train ride from the airport, made with one change of train on Munich’s super-efficient S-Bahn system, so my parents, my great uncle, my grandfather, my sister, and me (we were all booked on the same flight) left at about 2:30 in the afternoon and headed down to tracks. It was a 20-minute ride to Munich’s Ostbahnhof (east train station), where we were set to change trains and head over to the airport. When we got off the train, we found lots of people crowding the platforms. We asked a friendly stranger what was going on, and he said something about how the line to railroad had been shut down. However, it wasn’t long before my mom realized that there were two different lines to the airport: one went around to the west, while another went to the east (one is much longer than the other). Turns out that it was the long line that had been shut down, so our plans still worked out. After about ten minutes on the platform, our train pulled in to the station.


We hopped on and, about 25 minutes later, arrived at the station directly under the airport. We made our way up the escalators and across the big courtyard ahead of MUC’s Terminal 2.


We entered the terminal and headed up another escalator towards the check-in desks. We noticed that there was a line for children with kids (*score*), so we got in that line. Though our train was pretty full, the check-in area was super empty, and the family line was no exception (we were the only people in it). We got our boarding passes printed super quickly, and were soon off through security. We were through the checkpoint in about two minutes, and were soon heading up to the Lufthansa lounge.

We intended to pop in quickly, perhaps eat a little, and get some food for my uncle and grandfather, who were already sitting at our gate. My mom hung back to help them get situated, while my dad, my sister, and I went up to the lounge to get some food for them and ourselves.


When we arrived at the lounge entrance, we showed the agent our boarding passes and Frequent Traveler cards, and made our way up the elevator to the lounge. We found the lounge to be super spacious, airy, and open, with lots of different kinds of seating.


Since we were basically coming in to get food, I headed over to the buffet. There were a ton of hot and cold options. There were everything from donuts to German pork, from salad to plane-shaped gummi bears. I have to say, Lufthansa sure has a good food spread in there MUC lounge, and the food was super high-quality.

I grabbed a donut and a salad and headed we quickly grabbed a table to eat. The lounge was decently full, but there was a huge amount of seating, so it didn’t seem mobbed. The lounge was pretty large, so I think there is plenty of space for lots of people.

After about fifteen minutes, we took a few donuts and other random things to bring down to my great uncle and grandfather and headed out into the main terminal at MUC.

To sum it all up, the Lufthansa business class lounge at MUC is pretty awesome. There was plenty of seating, the lounge had lots of natural light and had great atmosphere, and the lounge was big enough that it didn’t feel crowded. The buffet was a highlight, and I would gladly visit again when I’m in Munich.

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