Did a UFO Cause the Eygyptair Crash? Some Turkish Airlines Pilots Think So…


You’ve probably heard a lot about the tragic disappearance of Egyptair Flight 804 (an Airbus A320 flying from Paris to Cairo) lately. The two most discussed theories on how the plane went down are a bomb or a mechanical failure, but there are, as always, more cooky theories out there, such as those put forward by the people of Reddit, which include that the plane was hit by a meteor or that the trip was caused by the fact that Donald Trump called Bill Clinton a rapist the same day.

A crazy theory was put forward by a some of Turkish Airlines pilots last week. They claimed that, on their flight from Bodrum to Istanbul, they saw a mysterious object with flashing green lights flying near their aircraft. They said that they thought that the UFO could have had something to with the crash.

I honestly don’t get it. Pilots are technically-oriented people who are trained to be calm in stressful situations. I would think they would be above this kind of wild speculation. It really should be kept to CNN

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