Trip Report: British Airways Business Class Vienna to London


After leaving the lounge, we headed downstairs and got in line for emigration. The wait was short, as seems to be the norm in the EU, and we made our way over to our gate. For some reason, gates in this section of VIE have security checkpoints at each gate instead of using a central checkpoint, which I can’t understand. It would seem like a system like this would require tons more staff than a central checkpoint, so I’m not sure if it’s really economical. But, then again, I’m no logistics expert.

Security was super quick (it couldn’t have taken more than two minutes), and we were soon waiting at our packed gate. Right on time, boarding was called for Club Europe.

British Airways Flight 704
Vienna to London
Seat 2F, Business Class
Airbus A320

I took my seat in the second row of Club Europe (what BA calls intra-Europe business class), and began to settle in. As is the norm within Europe, the business class hard product consists of economy class seats with a middle seat blocked.

I spent most of the boarding process taking photos out the window. The aircraft at the gate next to us was the thrice-weekly China Airlines 747 to Taipei, which certainly made for an interesting sight.


The most entertaining sight during my time taking pictures was when an Austrian Airlines 767 arrived at the gate next to us. Right after the jetbridge was attached, at least half a dozen cars pulled up beside it and a group of guys in yellow vests carrying mops swarmed the aircraft.


The captain came on the PA and informed us that we should be pushing back on “shed-jewl,” as the Brits pronounce it, and welcomed us on board. Like clockwork, we pushed back for London at 2:55.

View on taxi-- featuring Qatar 787

View on taxi– featuring Qatar 787


We lined up for takeoff and rocketed off down the runway, climbing out into the cloudy sky before emerging into some lovely weather above the cloud cover.

View on takeoff from VIE: Austrian 767 and, if you look closely, a Transaero 737.

View on takeoff from VIE: Austrian 767 and, if you look closely, a Transaero 737.


As we leveled off, the inflight service began. As has always been my experience with BA, the flight attendants were quite friendly. The service began with nut mix and drinks.

IMG_4094 IMG_4093

Not long after, the flight attendants came around with the inflight meal. As on my last Club Europe flight, there was only one meal option.


The meal was pretty basic, but at the same time perfectly good for a mid-afternoon flight. For some reason, it took a while for the flight attendants to clear tables, but they eventually did and I settled in for an hour or so of relaxation before we began our descent.

Thirty minutes before arrival, we began our descent into LHR.



We touched down right on time, and deplaned quickly (the perks of being at the front of the plane!). We made our way down to the bus station, and, after a ten minute ride, arrived at Terminal 5.

To the Concorde Room!

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