Trip Report: JET Lounge Vienna


Note: some of the photos in this review aren’t as good as I’d like them to be, as my camera lense was acting up. Never fear, dear reader! I was able to sort it out before by BA LHR-SAN first class flight, so that review should be good.


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We departed our hotel at about 9:45 for our 11:50 flight to London. Our taxi ride was quick and cheap, and we were soon standing outside VIE’s Terminal 1.


We headed over to the check-in line and found the business class line to be empty. Soon enough, we had our boarding passes in hand and, after having our boarding passes scanned at a checkpoint (you only go through security at the gate), we were making our way to the lounge.

British Airways uses a third-party contract lounge at VIE, the ALL-CAPS-BECAUSE-IT’S-COOL-edly named JET Lounge. The lounge is located upstairs from the main terminal, near the B, C, and D gates, and is also a Priority Pass lounge.

The lounge is decently sized and was pretty empty when we visited, featuring a pretty nice food spread, with all the stuff you would expect from a intra-Europe contract lounge, and then some: meat, cheeses, bread, weird chocolate-covered bananas, etc. Certainly great when waiting around for a short hop across the pond.



While wandering off to find a bathroom, I discovered that there was a whole other section of the lounge, which was even emptier than the main one, despite being only slightly smaller. This area also featured a buffet, which was virtually identical to the spread in the other room.


Seating was comfortable, and, though I didn’t spend all that much time there, I felt like the lounge was a nice place to relax. While the lights were just a tad bright and there weren’t any windows, I didn’t feel like there was much to dislike about this lounge. It featured a nice food spread, at least for a quick snack, and had plenty of comfortable seating, and was a nice place to spend a little while before your flight.

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