August 2016

Original Boeing 367-80

Aviation Trivia #76

Did you know that the predecessor to the 707 was a prototype jet built by Boeing called the 367-80? In terms of design, the -80 was very similar to the 707, but was built by…


Aviation Trivia #73

Did you know that American operated the Boeing 747? They operated the 747-100 from 1970 to 1984 and the 747SP from 1986 to 1994.


Trip Report: A Milk Run to Dallas (Featuring an American Airlines Mileage Run and the Admirals Club DFW)

In this epic, I journey once more to Dallas on a quest for Alaska Airlines elite qualifying miles. What wonders await? Will I overdose on American’s recently revived free snacks? Will I find the Secret Room at the DFW Admirals Club? Only time will tell. Come along, dear reader, for another AA mileage run trip report, this time with free mini pretzels and a visit to the Dallas Terminal A Admirals Club!


Morons on Planes, Part 1985801…

Seat recline is one of the most contentious issues among the flying public these days. Products like the Knee Defender stop the person in front of you from reclining their seat, often leading to confrontations….


American Retires a Quarter of Their MD-80 Fleet

If you were to look out the big glass windows of Terminal 2 East at San Diego International Airport sometime before 2013, you would have seen little besides shining, chrome-colored McDonnell-Douglas MD-80’s, all sporting a…


Is the Race to the Bottom Over?

You have probably heard the term “Race to the Bottom” applied to the big three US carriers quite a bit. The term was probably fair, as airlines in the US were consistently offering fewer and…