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I’ve been to the BA Galleries First Class lounge a number of times, though I’ve never spent that much time there (when I’m flying through LHR in First, it’s always on BA, so I have access to the excellent Concorde Room. I normally come over to get food from the buffet, as the Concorde Room only has food to order). However, I have spent enough time there form some opinions about the place.

On this particular visit, I came in around lunch time to get some food, as I didn’t feel like ordering anything off the Concorde Room menu. The lounge was packed with passengers on the mid-afternoon departures to North America, so the place was just about overflowing with people. It was super loud and extremely busy (it was so full I’m fairly confident that one couldn’t find two seats together, with just a scattering of seats empty), quite different from the quiet and spacious Concorde Room.

The lounge seemed like one, long, open tract of seats, with just a few dividers in between seating areas. In terms of seating options in the main section of the lounge, you could choose between blue armchairs, blue armchairs, and blue armchairs. By the lounge’s excellent buffet, there were also some tables where you could sit and eat.


Seating at the T5 Galleries Lounge-- sorry for the crappy picture (my lens was acting up)

Seating at the T5 Galleries Lounge– sorry for the crappy picture (my lens was acting up)

While there may not have been too many options in terms of seating, the food spread was excellent. On the day of this particular visit, the spread included some excellent pasta, soup, and fried potatoes, as well as various types of salad and a nice selection of cooked vegetables.british_airways_ba_first_class_galleries_lounge_london_heathrow_lhr_terminal_5_t5_review_trip_report_food_buffet_food_spread_2



Food at the T5 Galleries Lounge.

In addition to the hot food selection, there were also cheeses, crackers, cold finger sandwiches, and some pretty great cookies, among others cold foods.


There was also an extensive drink selection (note that there was a self-service bar in the main seating area, with a selection of wines).


Drinks at the T5 Galleries Lounge.

Another great thing about the lounge were the enormous windows looking out onto the tarmac. You are pretty far away from the windows in the Concorde Room, meaning that the enormous beams which stretch across the windows are in your way when trying to take pictures of planes down on the tarmac. However, you are closer to the windows in the Galleries Lounge, so photography is easier. A few examples:

United 787 at LHR

United 787 at LHR


United 777-200 at LHR

United 777-200 at LHR

jt 737

Jet Time 737

So, what did I think of the lounge? It is certainly a nice space (though the decor is very different than that of the Concorde Room, the Concorde Room being more classical), with big windows and an airy atmosphere. However the lounge is, at least when I was there, very busy, so it may not be the best place to relax. So, it isn’t the best lounge at Heathrow (the Concorde Room is much better), it is a decent option for those don’t have access to the Concorde Room. While it may be loud and full at times, you’ll get good food, a comfortable seat, and a nice view, which is good enough for me.

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