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After arriving from our bus from Terminal 3, we headed upstairs to clear immigration and security before heading off to the Concorde Room. Immigration was quick, with the benefit of the Fast Track lane usable by BA premium cabin passengers and top-tier BA elites, and we were soon heading up the Escalators of Doom towards the Heathrow security checkpoint. The security staff was unfriendly as always, except for one guy who joked with us about the US presidential election, and we were soon headed off to the little white door which some people say is called “the millionaire’s door.” So, do I get to get treated like a millionaire for 1500 dollars roundtrip plus 30,000 miles for an upgrade?

Once inside, we were welcomed in by the BA lounge agents. After checking in, we headed over to our usual spot on the terrace overlooking the terminal.

BA’s Concorde Room is usable by first class passengers travelling on a British Airways-operated flight or by British Airways Gold members who have earned 5,000 Tier Points (3,500 more Tier Points than is necessary to qualify for gold). So, in short, it’s pretty exclusive.

While we’re talking about access, it is worth noting that you can access the Concorde Room if you are departing on or arriving from a British Airways first class flight, so you can use the Concorde Room as an arrival lounge, even if you’re continuing on in coach or business class.

The lounge is pretty small, with lots of subdivided spaces. There is a dining area where you can sit down to eat a meal ordered off the menu (there is no buffet in the lounge), as well as numerous little seating areas with sofas and comfortable chairs. The lounge also features a bar, whose quality I cannot comment on, as I am 13. I must note that the decor is extremely classy.


BA Concorde Room seating (again, sorry for the blurry pic)


BA Concorde Room seating– sorry for the blurry picture (my lens was acting up).

In addition the main seating areas, the lounge features several conference rooms. Instead of your average office chairs, these rooms feature actual Concorde seats (the Concorde Room started out as a lounge for passengers on BA’s supersonic jet).


Seats from the Concorde.

There were also random horse lamps everywhere.



However, my favorite space in the lounge is the terrace. While it isn’t sealed off from the rest of the terminal, and is thereby a good deal louder than the inside section of the lounge, the terrace is an awesome space with lots of different seating options and sweeping views of the tarmac. While good photos are almost impossible (unfortunately for aviation photographers such as myself), it is still fun to be able to watch planes and see the great variety of traffic at London Heathrow.


United 787-8 and BA 747-400

United 787-8 and BA 747-400


Boeing 747’s, an A321, and Boeing 777’s at LHR

So, what about the “soft product?” In my experience, the lounge attendants at the Concorde Room are always friendly, coming by frequently to ask if you would like something to eat or drink. In my experience, the food at the Concorde Room is great as well: in the restaurant, you can have everything from full English breakfasts to dumplings. While there is no buffet, you can head over to the British Airways Galleries first class lounge (accessible by Oneworld Emeralds and to Oneworld first class passengers) and use the buffet there, so long as you tell the agents.

During my visit, I headed over to the Galleries lounge to grab a lunch, as we didn’t feel like ordering anything from the menu.

Another awesome aspect of the lounge is that you can shower between flights, which I much appreciated. The showers are quite spacious and are located in the Elemis Spa, which is situated between the Concorde Room and the Galleries lounge, and are available by appointment. You can also get spa treatments there, though these are not available to people under 18.

If you are interested in something more private, you can reserve cabanas for no additional cost. These cabanas feature sofas, chairs, a TV, and a whole bathroom which includes a shower. While these are an awesome feature, availability is pretty limited last-minute, and I have (on my five visits to Concorde Room) have only been able to reserve a cabana once. Despite this, there is still a chance you can get lucky, so I would recommend emailing BA’s You First helpdesk as soon as you book, something which my family has neglected to do in the past.

After a little over two hours in the lounge, we checked out and headed downstairs to our gate for our flight to San Diego, having enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

The British Airways Concorde Room is my favorite airline lounge. The lounge is stylish, plush, and super high-class, with an all-encompassing feeling of exclusivity. In my experience, the staff is always friendly and the food is good. So, why do people on the internet dislike it so much?

Let me explain. Many bloggers and people on frequent flyer sites like Flyertalk seem to have an intense dislike of the lounge, for a number of reasons. Below, are their biggest beefs with the lounge and my responses:

  • The bathrooms look bad– I generally don’t just lounge quality on the place where I take a dump.
  • The staff is unfriendly– I have never had a negative interaction with a member of the staff at the Concorde Room.
  • The lounge is cramped and overcrowded– While the lounge was by no means empty, I have never felt like it was super full to the point of being overcrowded.
  • The food is bad– In my experience, the food is pretty good. I’ve never found it to be bad.
  • There is a wait for the amenities reservable in advance– While there can be a wait when reserving things shortly before your flight, I think there is less of a wait further out.

While I haven’t had a negative experience at the Concorde Room, I’m not saying that others haven’t. However, I believe that the Concorde Room, overall, is a really great lounge, and I highly recommend it to anyone flying BA first through LHR.



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