Morons on Planes, Part 1985801…


Seat recline is one of the most contentious issues among the flying public these days. Products like the Knee Defender stop the person in front of you from reclining their seat, often leading to confrontations. Sometimes these confrontations escalate into violence, with passengers doing everything from punching to strangling each other over seat recline.

Let me just say that I believe it is your absolute right to recline your seat. It is your choice and the person behind you– no matter how angry they get– have no right to make reclining your seat difficult, by using this scourge of society, this “Knee Defender,” by verbally abusing you, or through violence.

So, now that you know my thoughts on the issue, let’s talk about the most recent chapter in the monumental saga of seat recline-related douchebaggery.

A woman was travelling in British Airways World Traveler Plus– the airline’s premium economy product– and decided she wanted to recline her seat. However, something was preventing her from doing so. It finally reclined, and she was just beginning to relax when the man sitting behind her then began to shake the back of her seat. The woman turned around and said she was going to recline her seat. However, the man continued shaking it, saying that, of she reclined her seat, he would shake her seatback, in his words, “all night.”

The argument continued until– rightly– the woman got a pretty upset. The passenger did the right thing and went to talk to the crew about it, after which some of the flight attendants came back and tried to get the man to stop being an idiot (they didn’t say that, of course). However, he didn’t listen to them and behaved with hostility to the crew as well. The funniest part? During the whole altercation, the douchebag had his seat reclined!

In the end, the crew made the decision to upgrade the woman and the person she was travelling with to business class so that they wouldn’t have to put up with the moron back in economy plus.

A midly annoying way to get an upgrade, no? I bet you we’re going to start seeing clickbait articles about THE STUNNING SECRET WAY TO FLY FIRST CLASS THAT EVEN FREQUENT FLIERS DON’T KNOW AND THAT WILL SHOCK YOU…

(For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, many media outlets– ahem, New York Times– publish misleading articles all the time about how to get free upgrades when flying, regurgitating old cliches about dressing nicely, asking nicely, etc. I bet they’re going to need a new STUNNING SECRET WAY TO FLY FIRST CLASS sometime soon, so getting accosted by a moron may be may be as good a choice as any. But I digress. Where was I?)

Right. This guy is an enormous jerk. Hell, this incident belongs just as much in the “seat recline argument” category as in the “classic examples of casual woman-hating” category. He had no problem with the woman’s husband reclining, but somehow this lady reclining was the most infuriating thing that had ever happened in his life. This guy with an IQ of about negative four felt he had the right to tell this lady that she couldn’t do what she wanted and that the whole world was structured around his likes and dislikes. Honestly, people this stupid should not be allowed on airplanes. It isĀ too dangerous.

Some people…





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