American Delays Selling Premium Economy (Giving Me A Chance to Fly It!)


Last October, American announced that it would begin selling premium economy as a separate class on April 2nd, 2017. Until then, all the aircraft fitted with premium economy (which, as far as I know, are all 787-9’s) would have premium economy sold as Main Cabin Extra, American’s extra legroom economy product. This meant that elite members and those willing to pay a fee could reserve premium economy at a greatly reduced price.

On a related note, in November, my family bought a ticket from San Diego to Dallas to Paris to Dallas to Santa Ana in American economy for just over 400 dollars, a super great deal. Unfortunately, these flights were to occur about a week after American began selling premium economy as a separate class, meaning we could not reserve them for free (Alaska elites get free Main Cabin Extra on American). This was some bad luck, as I’d never flown a premium economy product before and doing so at the price of economy would have been really fun.

Fast-forward to today, when it appears that American has no pushed back selling premium economy to May 4th, 2017. Nobody seems to know why they did this, and American hasn’t put out a public comment on the matter, but the fact is that premium economy is now showing as Main Cabin Extra on flights operated by American’s 787-9’s. ┬áThis was certainly an interesting development, as it’s funny to see an airline give even more time for people like us to take advantage of loopholes in the system. :)

However, this also meant that I could upgrade our flights to Paris in April to premium economy for free. I logged on to American’s website and reserved four seats in American Airlines Premium Economy from Dallas to Paris (the CDG-DFW leg was sold out in Premium Economy). Yes! :)

I’m super excited for this trip. Not only will I be flying a 787-9, but I’ll also be able to fly premium economy for the first time. Score!

So, thanks American! :)

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