February 2017


Air Canada Unveils New Livery

I wasn’t a huge fan of Air Canada’s current livery. The soapy blue fuselage and pixelated maple leaf weren’t terrible or anything, but they weren’t the really eye-catching either (completely different from Air Canada’s 1960’s-1980’s…


God/Morgan Freeman Wants You to Fly Turkish Airlines

Super Bowl ads can range from fricking hilarious to unbelievably terrible (with an example of the latter being the cancelled PETA ad showing various actors doing somewhat disgusting things to vegetables). However, most airlines don’t…


Want to Fly a DC-3?

A common saying in aviation circles is “the only replacement for a DC-3 is another DC-3.” One airline in Canada has taken this one to an extreme, still operating the venerable old prop in passenger…


The World’s New Longest Flight!

For a long time, the longest flight in the world was Qantas’ flight from Sydney to Dallas. This was surpassed last year by Emirates’ flight from Dubai to Auckland, measuring 8,824 miles in length (that’s…


Baltia Airlines Madness!

Some of you may have heard of Baltia Airlines, America’s oldest extended con scheme┬ástartup airline. For those of you not familiar with America’s only attempt at corporate robbery which involves a 747-200, Baltia Airlines was…


Aviation Trivia #96

Did you know that British Airways operated a Concorde in a combination of its own livery and that of Singapore Airlines? This particular aircraft (registered G-BOAD) was flown on joint BA/SQ between Bahrain and Singapore.