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As I first wrote about late last year, the Japanese airline ANA will be acquiring three Airbus A380’s for flights to Hawaii, with the aircraft set to enter service in early 2019 (ANA’s A380 fleet will be the smallest of any airline to operate the type). Last October, the airline announced that they would be holding a design contest in which members of the public could go online and create their own liveries, with the winning design being selected by a team of judges and painted on ANA’s first A380.

ANA just announced the winner of the contest earlier this week. Per an Airbus press release on the subject:

On March 6, All Nippon Airways (ANA) revealed a special livery for the A380. The livery was selected from over 2,000 submissions received in an open competition organised by the carrier. The winning design will be painted on the airline’s first new A380, which will be delivered early in 2019. ANA will operate the aircraft on its most popular leisure route, from Tokyo to Honolulu.

The winning entry is a colorful design featuring the Hawaiian green sea turtle – a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Hawaii. 

Here is the winning design, titled “Flying Honu”:


While my initial reaction was, “AAGHGH MY EYES,” I’ve come to like this one. I must say that the turtle is kind of adorable, and, when looking at the other four runner-up liveries, I decided that it can’t be that bad:



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