Lufthansa, Austrian, and Swiss’s New Business Class


Lufthansa only introduced a lie-flat business class product about four years ago (lie-flat seats in a 2-2-2 configuration), and what they now offer still lags behind the business class seats of their competition. However, Lufthansa has stated in the past that they will be installing a new seat when they take delivery of their Boeing 777X’s.

Well, there have been further developments in that story today at the ITB Berlin convention. Lufthansa announced today that the new seat will be installed on all Lufthansa, Swiss, and Austrian (all of these airlines are part of the Lufthansa Group) aircraft beginning in 2020. Right now, the business class products of Lufthansa group airlines are pretty disparate: Lufthansa has a 2-2-2 forward facing seat, Austrian has a staggered Vantage-type seats, and Swiss has an excellent (and really classy) Vantage-style seats as well.

No details have been reveals about the seat itself, and it may well be a long time before we know any specifics on the matter. However, Lufthansa has stated that one will be able to control the seat from a mobile device (i.e. adjusting seat positions and lighting and controlling the IFE), which seems pretty cool if you ask me.

Interestingly, nothing was said in the announcement regarding Brussels Airlines. You may remember that Lufthansa acquired the airline in September of last year, and considered (and is still considering) integrating it into their low-cost Eurowings subsidiary. It’s possible that the reason Brussels isn’t getting the standardized Lufthansa Group seat is that business class will be eliminated in the future in accordance with Eurowing’s business model, though we’ll see.


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