Other Airlines Roast United… Again!


The anger over the assault and violent removal of a passenger from a United Express flight last Sunday has continued to cause anger around the world, and a number of hilarious responses from individuals on social media. Check out this article from the Daily MailĀ here for some examples. My favorite:


Another good one, which was initially believed to have been from Southwest themselves, but was later proven to have been fake (though pretty awesome nonetheless):


I know… that incorrectly placed apostrophe bugs me too.

However, it’s not just individual people on the internet who are taking some shots at United over the incident: other airlines have joined in the roast and it has generated some pretty awesome results.

First off is Royal Jordanian, who put out this awesome image (what people my age would call a dank meme):


Additionally, Emirates actually spent the time to put together a ~1 minute video both bragging in a very Emirates kind of way and taking a dig at United, both for CEO Oscar Munoz’s statement that the Gulf Carriers “aren’t airlines” and the dragging incident. Check it out here.

I must say, United got burned harder than their economy class chicken filets.


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