What a Day…


Perhaps I have placed too much faith in the system. I was fully expecting an entirely smooth and easy return from my awesome trip to Europe, flying from Paris to Dallas on American and then on to SNA (Orange County, CA, 7o miles north of San Diego) after a two hour connection in Dallas which shouldn’t have been tight at all with the help of Global Entry and TSA PreCheck. Well, I greatly underestimated the ability of a little rain to really shake things up.

Everything was going perfectly until we were only a half an hour out from DFW. The ride aboard our American 787-9 had been pleasant, despite being in AA’s rather cramped Main Cabin Extra cabin, and I was looking forward to perhaps having some dinner in the American Express Centurion Lounge before catching our connecting flight to Orange County. However, things got a little more complicated when the captain announced that we would circling for perhaps half an hour due to thunder storms near DFW. We circled and circled, and ended up settling onto our approach about 50 minutes late.

As we taxied, one of the flight attendants made an announcement about how many of American’s flights are delayed due to severe storms and that we should make sure to check our connections. Now, I quickly decided that if the airline says nothing but there is bad weather, your flight is probably delayed. If the airline tells you to check your connection, you areĀ screwed.

So, we got off the plane as fast as we could and headed to the Immigration, which was a breeze thanks to Global Entry. After collecting our bags, I finally get around to checking the departures board. The flight to Orange County was delayed by an hour and a half. Not bad, I thought… more time in the Centurion Lounge!

Turns out I was looking at the wrong flight. Ours was cancelled.

We headed over to the American rebooking desk, where the agent we got wasn’t exactly helpful/interested in actually getting us on a plane. She tried to split up our reservation and put one person on a evening flight to SNA and the other three on a flight later that night. As she was doing this, the single seat on the earlier flight disappeared along with one on the later flight, meaning there was no way to get us to SNA that night. We asked if she could rebook us to San Diego, since that was our final destination, to which we got a rather curt NO! and then were told to start looking for hotels. She put all four of us on a flight tomorrow and politely told us to go away. We ended up booking the Marriott DFW South, where I’m writing this post from.

I must be having some serious bad luck! I had only had one flight cancelled ever before (DFW-SAN on Spirit… what a coincidence!), but of my three trips so far this year, two have involved some major disruption (a cancellation in this case and a diversion on my flight from Newark to San Diego on Alaska). I’m typically really lucky when it comes to getting where I want to go in some kind of timely fashion, but this year’s small sample size seems to indicate that I may have done something to anger the Air Travel Gods.

Oh boy…

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  1. You know how surprised I am about this? Answer: Absolutely none. Sorry that American is putting you through this. They really do have a track record (at least for me) of delAAying their passengers a day late. And, wow, that rebooking agent’s behavior? It’s not an outlier on American Airlines. My AA slogan? “It’s not our job to get us where you need to be.” Worst airline ever!

    • Alex Reinsch-Goldstein | April 20, 2017 at 11:00 pm | Reply

      While this was my first time experiencing a cancellation on American, their operational performance certainly leaves a lot to be desired. But hey, I only fly them for the miles! :)

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