Awesome American Express Platinum 50% Off Premium Airfare Benefit Being Cut


One of the best benefits offered by American Express’ Platinum Card was a 50% discount on the purchase of economy on your designated airline (you can select this in your American Express account) and on business or first class tickets booked on any airline. Basically, how this works is you book the ticket using American Express Membership Reward’s Pay With Points option, in which you redeem AmEx membership rewards points for the ticket (one point equals one cent towards the price of your ticket). Tickets booked this way are classified as revenue tickets (since you basically gave AmEx your points and they bought the ticket for you), meaning you can earn miles on the ticket even though you didn’t pay for it. To make this incredible deal even better, AmEx will give you 50% of the points back if you booked in first or business class. So, you pay the points equivalent of only half the ticket price and earn miles for the ticket even though you didn’t pay money for it. Awesome!

Unfortunately, AmEx realized that offering this great a deal probably was not good for their bottom line. They announced on Friday that, as of June 1, 2017, the rebate would be reduced from 50% to 35%. That’s still an good deal, but getting half off was just too amazing to be believed.

I’m already planning a trip to take advantage of this benefit before it goes away (hopefully involving some pretty interesting flights), so stay tuned for that one!

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