A Little Update on the Blog…


Some of you may have noticed my posting frequency going down a bit recently. This is because I’ve been a bit busy lately (with, you know, the real world :) ) and have should get busier still as the end of the school year comes around, with all its attendant tests and important projects. Thusly, you should be seeing slightly lower posting frequency as I work on the various things I have to do. Trip reports (I have a huge backlog, I know) will be posted hopefully with some frequency this month.

However, in early June as the school year comes to an end, everything should get back to normal. By then, I promise one post per day and at least four trip report installments per week until the backlog is cleared. Thanks for your patience, and, as always, happy travels!

About the Author

I'm Alex, and I am an enthusiast in all things travel: miles and points, airplanes, airline products, and more. On this blog, you can read my take on recent travel/ commercial aviation news, trip reports, ramblings, rants, and opinions, and I'll even share some of my aviation photography from time to time. Hope you enjoy reading, and happy travels!

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