Man Pies Qantas CEO, Charged With Assault, Gets Banned From Airline


One of the more bizarre travel-related videos I’ve seen in a while is certainly this one:

The context of the video is even stranger than what meets the eye (which is, in this case, a middle-aged airline executive having a pie shoved in his face by some angry older dude). While Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was speaking at a business breakfast in Perth last week, some random guy, dressed finely in a suit and tie, walked onto the stage, throws a pie in Joyce’s face, and walks off. It’s an altogether weird ten or so seconds.

The man was later questioned by police, with Joyce deciding to press charges (the man has since been charged with assault and trespassing). His motive was even stranger: Joyce is openly gay, and Qantas is very much in favor of gay rights and marriage equality in Australia, and apparently the pie-thrower (a 67-year-old man named Tony Overheu) didn’t like either of these things. So he decided to resolve his differences the way the most creative of bigots do: by throwing a lemon meringue pie into the face of some guy who he dislikes because of his sexuality.

Additionally, he was banned from Qantas, its subsidiaries, and its partners for life. Looks like a lifetime of connecting flights for this nutjob!

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