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Swiss just retired their last Avro RJ-100, a four-engined regional aircraft Swiss or its predecessor company Crossair have operated (Crossair was the regional subsidiary of the former Swiss flag carrier Swissair, which went out of business in 2002; Crossair bought most of Swissair’s assets and changed its name to Swiss that same year) have operated for 22 years. The Avro is itself a derivation of the British Aerospace BAe-146, which first flew in 1981, and is unique in regional aircraft in that it is powered by four smaller engines (because four smaller engines were quieter and offered better takeoff performance than two). Swiss has a long history with this aircraft (affectionately called the “Jumbolino” within the company), concluding when Swiss operated its last Avro flight on August 15.

At the same time, Swiss is replacing older narrowbody aircraft (including the Jumbolino) with the brand-new the Bombardier CS-100 and CS-300. To commemorate the end of one era and the beginning of another in Swiss’s regional operations, the airline put together this entertaining video of a Avro RJ-100 and a CS-100 having a conversation in a Swiss maintenance hangar. It’s funny in an exceedingly wholesome way.

Here’s the link:


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