Aviation Trivia #111

Did you know that the Boeing 757 and 767 were developed simultaneously? Both aircraft entered production in 1981 and share enough design similarities that pilots can be flown by pilots under one type certificate.

Condor 767. Photo by Dennis Creuz/Wikimedia Commons

Aviation Trivia #110

Did you know that the German leisure airline Condor used to be owned by Lufthansa before being sold to the British travel company Thomas Cooke? The changes of ownership are reflected in the airline’s livery:… website featuring somewhat ridiculous United fuel leak story.

United Wins Lawsuit

I don’t really no what to make of For the past twenty years, the website (having a nearly identical URL and appearance to that of United Airlines) has collected and published complaints against United…


My Summer Travel Plans

Now that posting frequency has returned to normal around here, I think it’s probably a good idea to share a little bit about my travels coming up this summer. I’m writing this from the island…


Boeing Gives Us a Glimpse of the 797

With Boeing’s previous project, the 787 Dreamliner, being both technologically revolutionary and commercially successful, many people who take an interest in the aviation business were interested in where Boeing would go next. Would they focus…