About This Site

Alex Reinsch-Goldstein is the Dear Leader of ihaveaplanetocatch.com. Here, you can read the Sun of The Website’s opinions on whatever great and glorious topic our Dear Leader should choose to write about. Comment, or the fury of heaven shall descend from the skies and make war upon you for not appreciating the glory… etc. etc.

In all seriousness, my name is Alex and this is my blog. I am NOT from North Korea, nor am I Kim Jong-Un. I am, however, a young San Diego-based traveler who loves to see the world. On this blog, I hope to provide useful information that can help you travel better.

On this site, you can read my ramblings thoughts on topics related to the travel industry, miles and points, aviation, plane spotting, and even people getting drunk on planes. You can also read my trip reports (reviews of airline products, hotels, lounges, and plenty of other stuff), which I hope will help you plan some of your trips in the future.

In conclusion, a few more facts about me:

  • I travel mostly with my mom, dad, and sister
  • I am an MVP Gold (soon to be MVP Gold 75k) with Alaska Airlines
  • I am an avid aviation photographer (a dork who takes pictures of airplanes)
  • I am a memelord.

In the end, I also hope to provide a unique perspective, as well as useful information. I’m a kid who does mileage runs, chases elite status, and flies international premium cabins on award tickets. I hope that seeing a kid’s perspective on something that not many kids do interests you. I am incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do, and even more lucky that I get to tell you guys about it.

Thanks for reading!